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How to Attract Customers with Facebook

Miles Technologies Feb 4, 2015

How_To_Attract_Customers_with_FacebookRaise your hand if you or someone you know uses Facebook regularly. If you don’t have your hand up, you may want to consider taking your luck to Vegas, because you just beat some tremendous odds.  According to reports, at the end of 2014, Facebook boasts 1.39 billion active monthly users.  890 million users access Facebook on a daily basis. Just as a point of reference, the population of the entire world is estimated to be 7.2 billion.

Think about the sheer enormity of that user base for a second. Isn’t that something your business should be capitalizing on? If your company isn’t making connections, sharing content and acquiring new followers on Facebook, you could be missing out on a slew of potential customers. 

Likes_on_FacebookIn order to grow your fan base on Facebook, you need to have a company page that is easily discoverable. Easier said than done, I know. While there is no secret formula to turn your business into an overnight Facebook sensation, there are some best practices you can incorporate in order to drive traffic to your page and gain the likes, shares and follows that will come with it.

Let’s take a look at seven top tips for attracting customers on Facebook:

  1. Make sure your page is properly filled out with searchable information
  2. Create valuable content to share with your followers
  3. Don’t just post sales-driven content
  4. Don’t be afraid to share photos—show some personality!
  5. Take advantage of Facebook advertising
  6.  Make sure each post has a goal for audience engagement
  7. Take appropriate risks: you never know what may just be quirky or endearing enough to appeal to your audience

For more details on these tips—as well as a host of other best practices, ideas and tricks—check out our new, free e-guide How To Attract Customers with Facebook. This is your playbook for building your audience and driving traffic to both your Facebook page and company website. To download the e-guide, just click the button below:

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Are you a Facebook guru? Or do you feel like a Facebook failure? We want to know. In the comments below, tell us what has worked well for you, or describe efforts that did not bear the fruit you so willingly deserved. We understand it may take some trial and error. Let’s help each other get through that process as quickly as we can.

Interested in learning more about how your company can leverage social media to help reach potential customers? Contact us today to speak with an experienced online marketing advisor.

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