Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Personal Cloud Is Trending Up – Way, Way Up!

Personal clouds are going to control your world. Well, that may be overkill—or is it? According to a new report, the personal cloud is trending high, with Apple, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft dominating the rapidly advancing landscape of personal cloud cornerstones.

Personal cloud services are fast becoming the core of doing business in an escalating mobile landscape. What is the personal cloud? A personal cloud is a cloud-based platform utilized as a repository for data and applications. It is ideal for business and personal utilization, including document-sharing. Most critical, it is built for the 24/7 mobile professional.

Recently, The VAR Guy turned to Miles Technologies for an overview of a new report by Pyramid Research on the ever-increasing rise of the personal cloud. See the full article here:

The Personal Cloud Is Trending Up – Way, Way Up!

In The Personal Cloud: A Strategic Imperative for Operators by Pyramid Research, perspectives of top operators are shared along with an analysis of the personal cloud market today. Insights, gathered by operator online surveys, demonstrate a view of today’s personal cloud environment and assessments of how today’s leading operators are positioning their personal cloud services for greatness.

What trends were revealed?
  • The number of global personal cloud accounts has increased 60 percent over the past two years, and Pyramid Research expects it to grow a CAGR of 25 percent from 2013 to 2018.
  • Apple, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft dominate the market, together having more than 85 percent of personal cloud accounts.
  • By the end of 2014, more than half of all operators around the world will have launched a personal cloud service.
It’s safe to say the trend toward optimizing the personal cloud is only just taking off!

Cloud Watcher? Want to learn more about how cloud solutions can benefit your mobile workforce? Turn to the cloud computing experts at Miles Technologies - and check out business by Miles, a comprehensive, cloud-based, business management software solution that can house information about your customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees and job applicants. Contact Us!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

4 Hot SEO Blogging Strategies

Your blog is your voice – and your best content marketing tool. By developing, maintaining, and nurturing a blog robust with timely, pertinent, and beneficial content, you are sharing your expertise and building your clout as a thought leader. You are also branding your business, helping to drive recognition and traffic to your company’s website.

Miles Technologies shared its views on SEO powering your blog recently with SteamFeed!

4 Hot SEO Blogging Strategies

From hosting your blog to crushing it with keywords, there are effective, creative strategies to juice up your blog's SEO performance! Remember, a blog that is poorly written does zero good for your business. Only blogs rolling in relevant, decisive and meaningful content will help your business or personal branding endeavors to be successful. A truly thoughtful, timely and well-written blog, optimized with sexy SEO strategies, holds great promise – as long as the content remains paramount.

Is Your Blog SEO Optimized? Not sure if your blog is working SEO strategies effectively? The online marketing team at Miles Technologies can help power your blog - and power your SEO! Contact Us!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Software Developer: What Does It Take To Get The Job?

Software development is a constantly growing field, and the ability to program and build custom software is in high demand. For a candidate looking to begin a career in the field of software development, it’s important to make sure that the position is the right fit.

Here are a few key questions for aspiring software developers with answers from the managers who hire them and the developers who were looking to start their careers not too long ago.

What is a good software developer made of today?

While some hiring managers may have different views on what qualities make up the best person for a particular position, when it comes to looking for Software Developers, the managers point to one particular quality: problem-solving. And it’s not just the managers who recognize this quality either. It’s the developers themselves too. “Software developers are problem-solvers,” says Wayne Rossi, Systems Architect at Miles Technologies. “That’s the best way to put yourself forward and the best fit for a software development career.”

Pinky Panjwani
Hiring managers also stress the importance of the inquisitive mind when evaluating potential candidates for a software developer position.

Pinky Panjwani, Director of Software Technologies at Miles Technologies, states that she looks for candidates with an “analytic mind, curiosity, and a passion for learning.”

Since developers constantly have to stay abreast with the latest technologies, an eagerness to learn and keep up with the most recent trends is key for sustaining a career as a software developer.

Eric Butler, Software Developer at Miles Technologies, says that this is the best advice he would give to an aspiring developer. “Never stop learning,” he says. “Always seek to improve your skills.”

In addition to looking for candidates with a problem-solving and curios mind, hiring managers also identified these other important skills they seek out in software developers: flexibility, focus on quality, attention to detail, and ability to work on a team.

What should aspiring software developers do to prepare for their careers? 

Many aspiring developers will enroll in undergraduate college programs in computer since, information systems or other related fields. Current software developers today report that it’s highly important to take advantage of the educational opportunities available in your college or university. “Learning good principles of software design and planning are the best things you can focus on in college,” Rossi says. “Don’t skip things like discrete mathematics – it really helps to have a good understanding of the concepts beneath computer science.”

While learning in the classroom is certainly a valuable tool, there are other avenues where developers can improve their skills through other collaborative activities. In the Philadelphia area, for example, there is an event called Code Camp that is put together by the non-profit organization Philly.Net. The semi-annual convention has dozens of speakers that talk about a whole range of programming technologies.

Even if you don’t have the ability to attend an event like that, you may not even need to look further than your own school’s computer science department for helpful activities. Brett DiCioccio, Software Developer at Miles Technologies, says that he was able to engage in events and activities that helped prepare him for the professional field. “Some colleges have programming teams or clubs that actually go and compete against other colleges,” he states. “Joining one of these teams will give you something close to professional experience and broaden your skillset with things that you don’t learn in class.”

Hiring managers and developers also stressed the importance of learning a wealth of new technologies in order to increase your versatility as a developer. As a whole, it is beneficial for aspiring developers to be well-versed in database design, concepts and programming, web technologies and object-oriented programming. Some of the most prominent languages include SQL, ASP.Net, HTML, and JavaScript. See the accompanying infographic for the full list.

What are the best ways for developers to present themselves in interviews? 

Both hiring managers and current developers stress the importance of honesty during your interview. Hiring managers don’t expect candidates—especially entry level ones—to be familiar with every technology available. “My biggest tip would be to speak to what you know and not try to guess when you don’t understand a technology,” says John Graham, Software Developer at Miles Technologies.  Development is an ever evolving environment and it is ok to not always fully understand all aspects.”

JP Lessard, President of Business Software Solutions at Miles Technologies, says that truthfulness during the interview proves is vital to ensuring that the candidate is indeed right for the position. “Be open and honest about your interests and experience so you and we can both recognize where you would best fit and how to help you grow,” he states. “This will help you be happy and successful in the long run.”

Hiring managers also report that some of their best conversations come with candidates who are more relaxed throughout the process. “Focus on your strengths, and take it easy,” says Panjwani.  “It’s more of a conversation, less of an interview.”

Because managers look for candidates who have a passion for learning, Rossi says that it’s important to make sure that aspect shines through during your conversations. “Always be learning something new,” he states. “In an interview you’ll be able to show that you’re focused on continual improvement as a developer.” Current developers also report that having extra items available during your interview such as a portfolio or a specific project you’ve worked on can help interviewers gain a better understanding of your knowledge and skills.

We're Hiring! Miles Technologies is always looking for great people! Check out our Careers!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 Top Cloud CRM Systems in 90 Seconds

Ask John Horner, Vice President of Strategic Consulting Services, at Miles Technologies, his thoughts on the shining stars of CRM and he can go on for hours - unless he only has 90 seconds between meetings! In that case, get ready for a crash course on cloud-based CRM software - an abridged version of John's views on the stars of CRM at this time, but no less significant when it comes to sound advice for any business.

So, John...what are the CRMs to pay attention to today?

As a business technology consultant, I am constantly asked “What is the right CRM software for my company?” There are many factors that go into finding the right fit, especially considering the hundreds of systems out there.  In this quick article, I provide a starting point with a quick overview of 3 top CRM solutions on the market today.

Salesforce.com: This is an incredible CRM system for sales managers and sales reps.  It was built as an easy to use system for salespeople to track their leads, and it gives sales managers insights into pipeline and activity.  As a cloud solution, people do a LOT more with Salesforce.com, just like I (honestly) used the back of a screwdriver to hammer in a nail yesterday…because I had it in my hand.
  • Costs for their professional and enterprise editions are $65 to $125 per user per month (annually).  
  • Other similar CRM solutions include Microsoft CRM and Sugar CRM.
Zoho CRM:  A great CRM software system for very small companies. Zoho CRM provides an easy to use, simple interface and basic functionality – most suitable for companies with less than 5 employees.  It is part of a suite of products ranging from Password Management to Content Management.  Pricing for their base system can’t be beat (FREE).   I would recommend this to any small company looking to replace Excel for customer and lead tracking.
  • Costs range from $0 to $35 per user per month.  
  • Other Similar CRM solutions include QuickBase and Google Docs.
business by MILES CRM: Unlike Salesforce.com, it was built to help businesses run better as a whole - it’s not just for salespeople.
It offers rich collaborative functionality, including customer portals. And, it is a “new generation” solution built upon the bootstrap responsive framework, which simply means that you can work just as easily on your mobile phone or tablet as you can on your PC.  The CRM software solution can be implemented stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive business suite. It is ideal for companies with 5 to 500 employees. Unlike other similar CRM systems, business by MILES is focused on making implementation simple by integrating with your existing systems.
  • Cost is $49 per user per month.   
  • Other Similar CRM solutions include Netsuite CRM and SAP Business One.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Inbound Marketing: 3 Content Strategies To Convert Visitors To Customers

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a strategy - one that requires a cross-platform approach to diverse forms of marketing, traditional and digital. Inbound marketing is a bit SEO (search engine optimization), a bit analytics, a bit content marketing and a huge chunk of perseverance.

Inbound marketing is any content-driven endeavor that attracts visitors to your website and, most critically, converts visitors to leads – turning visitors into customers.

Inbound marketing is content generation with a focus on thought leadership, influencer outreach and organic visibility. Inbound marketing is powered by creativity and deployed with diplomacy. In short, inbound marketing is something your company needs - now. Why? Content, designed for your customers, will champion any inbound marketing campaign.

Recently, Miles Technologies shared tips with Small Business Trends on a few content strategies for inbound marketing. Take a look!

Inbound Marketing: 3 Content Strategies To Convert Visitors To Customers

Businesses currently publishing on multiple platforms - blogging, white papers and more - are putting content to work for lead generation. Don't get eclipsed by the content energy of your competitors!

Are you publishing? Businesses today need to be publishers! Content marketing is a huge aspect of online marketing initiatives and comprehensive marketing campaigns - including strategic email marketing. The online marketing team at Miles Technologies can get you publishing - today! Contact Us!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

3 business technologies you can’t live without

What’s holding businesses back from improving productivity and increasing opportunities by utilizing technology? It's a reluctance to change the way processes are managed and a concern that adopting new routines will upset daily operations and resources.

What a shame! Too many businesses today feel it is easier to maintain business operations by adhering to the status quo, regardless of its numerous drawbacks. The reality is, businesses that maintain a low tech philosophy will not be in business for long.

In a mobile world with fierce competition, turning a blind eye to the benefits delivered by technology is a virtual death sentence. At the very least, it is an arresting choice that greatly limits an organization’s ability to work more efficiently and, more importantly, to grow.

Recently, the Philadelphia Business Journal featured biz tech musts in a piece:
3 business technologies you can't live without

Showcasing responsive websites, cloud computing, and social media, the piece discusses the merits of businesses embracing technology. In the realm of cloud computing, business by MILES, a cloud-based business management solution by Miles Technologies, delivers robust business functionality – literally empowering executives to leverage the cloud to carry out complex operational and management tasks at any time, utilizing any device, from anywhere in the world. Yes, you can run your business with your smartphone.

You really can run your business anywhere! business by MILES empowers businesses to operate all management functions and operational tasks from any device, at any time, anywhere in the world. Learn more about the ways business by MILES can help your business operate more efficiently - and deliver an even greater customer experience! Contact Us.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 Reasons Brand Journalists Rule Content Marketing

Today is a new age of competitive content generation - one that merges traditional marketing with increasing demands for timely, original, branded content to target multiple platforms. We're talking blogs, guest blogs, social media, infographics, video, webinar, email campaigns and more.

Too often, content marketing and creative branding are not fused with enough gusto to create social media success, much less overall content marketing triumph. Pity! An effective way to produce brand-driven content is to embrace the crux of all substantive content – Journalism 101.

Recently, Miles Technologies shared its views with SteamFeed in a piece all about brand journalism.

3 Reasons Brand Journalists Rule Content Marketing

Brand journalists are content strategists, even investigators, consistently looking for ways to leverage quality content on diverse internal and external platforms. Natural communicators, with a knack for sharing everything from brutal, bare bones insights to mesmerizing prose, brand journalists bring a content tenacity that is unwavering, unhesitating – and so very critical to content marketing ascendancy.

Would you like your content to ascend? The Online Marketing team at Miles Technologies is loaded with brand journalists! We even have former newspaper reporters and magazine editors working each day to create original content for social media platforms, online magazines and much more! As part of our online marketing team, brand journalists work collaboratively with SEO experts, inbound marketing champs and PPC strategists to structure content campaigns to compliment online marketing initiatives. If your blog could use a boost, or your online marketing is light on content to power leads, let us know! Contact Us

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